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Continuing Professional Development

Woohoo Learning Lab has been a registered continuing professional development provider for professional teachers since 2016 (Provider #2016-040). We design and facilitate both face to face and online professional learning experiences for teachers and school administrators.




These courses have been designed for professional teachers and school administrators, and has been approved for corresponding CPD units upon completion. We host continuing professional development courses in both face-to-face and online learning settings.


This course will equip participants with an understanding of the various threats and challenges the digital world poses to today’s learners. As technology becomes commonplace inside and outside the classroom, teachers and students must always show awareness of the new digital dilemmas that provide opportunities for them to think critically, behave safely, and participate responsibly with technology. Participants of this course will learn to apply practices and create lessons/programs that help support the acquisition of digital citizenship skills of learners.
Estimated Learning Time CPD Units Approval # Type Date
16 hours / 2 days 16 2017-040-384 Online TBA


This course will equip participants with a theoretical understanding of the context of 21st Century learning, 21st Century Pedagogies and effective integration for teaching and learning. At the same time, they will learn to apply practical teaching strategies using freely accessible online and offline tools.
Estimated Learning Time CPD Units Approval # Type Date
16 hours / 2 days 12 2017-040-381 Online December 1 & 8


The learners of today need a special breed of formators who are prepared to engage with and inspire them. Amidst the challenges of rising cases of depression, addictions in various forms, suicide, violence, shorter attention spans, global exposure, intercultural communication, social media interaction and technological advancements, how can formators address their own personal needs while they continue to mentor, educate and coach their students to seek the best versions of themselves? This workshop will include talks, group discussion and dynamics, activities and exercises.
Estimated Learning Time CPD Units Approval # Type Date
2 days 11 2017-040-1359 Face to Face November 15

Innovation Workshop for School Administrators (starting soon)

In today’s fast-paced, changing world, school leaders from different levels of administration is faced with the challenge of designing, implementing and sustaining innovative practices to address the needs of the curriculum, human resources, and its various stakeholders. This course aims to present tools and strategies that can enhance strategic planning and thinking skills that may aid in purposefully designing programs and projects for impact.
Estimated Learning Time CPD Units Approval # Type Date
16 hours / 2 days 4 2017-040-676 Online TBA

Developing Digital Citizenship(starting soon)

This course encompasses skills, values, and behaviours that include appropriate and effective ways we interact with people and information through media and technology will.
Estimated Learning Time CPD Units Approval # Type Date
16 hours / 2 days 16 2017-040-384 Online TBA


This course will equip participants with a theoretical and research-based understanding of Inclusive Education-not just limited to creating provisions for students with disabilities, but also to see inclusivity more broadly to be a paradigm of considering every student’s needs.
Estimated Learning Time CPD Units Approval # Type Date
16 hours / 2 days 15 2017-040-1695 Online TBA

Schools may also avail of the CPD courses (please see the "For Individuals Tab" for the details) to be ran exclusively in your school. We have also designed and facilitated workshops that may fit the school’s specific needs/interests. Interested schools may email us at hello@woohoo.ph.

Here are some customized workshops we have conducted in the past:

EdTech Visioning Workshop

Designed and facilitated for Poveda Learning Center
4 hour workshop with key initiators in the school to jumpstart reflection on the school’s vision for integrating technology in the classroom.

Technology x Assessments: Making Learning Visible with Technology

Designed and facilitated for CCF Life Academy
8 hour workshop with the whole faculty, to introduce various ways by which technology can help make learning visible in the classroom through enabling both formative and summative assessments.

Learning with Technology

Designed and facilitated for PAREF Southridge and PAREF Woodrose School 4 hour introductory workshop for the whole faculty with plenary and breakout sessions, designed to jumpstart meaningful discussions within the community about the role of technology in teaching and learning.




One of the key components of an EdTech initiative is the active involvement of the teachers. At Woohoo Learning Lab, we believe that EdTech companies provide powerful opportunities for teaching and learning. However, these opportunities can only be harnessed if educators begin to embrace them and integrate them purposefully in their respective contexts.

We work with EdTech companies who are passionate about helping make a difference with their partner schools through designing and facilitating professional development that drives reflection and action. To explore how we can collaborate, send us an email at hello@woohoo.ph.

Here are some of our previous projects:

Apple Professional Development and Learning

Designed and facilitated for Apple, Inc.
Through various pre-designed modules that fit specific school contexts, we conduct 8 and 16 hour face-to-face workshops with schools in different stages of their journey of integrating the use of Apple technologies in the classroom. In these workshops, teachers experiment with powerful applications and engage in activities that will guide them in planning for purposeful integration of technology in teaching and learning.

Rex Transformative Tuesdays

Designed and facilitated for Rex Digital, in partnership with De La Salle Zobel
Conducted in 6 batches, Transformative Tuesdays was an 8-hour bootcamp participated in by select clients of Rex Digital, where participants were introduced to practice and research-based strategies that can transform instruction and assessment for 21st Century Learning. As a bonus, this was also given as a CPD accredited course.