1. Contact form data

    If you choose to use the enquiry form on our website, basic contact details are collected such as the email and name of the contact person.

  2. Account data

    When you register for an account, we collect and store your e-mail address.

  3. Membership data

    We do not collect or store your credit card information. All payments are collected using PayPal, therefore we also store PayPal transaction ID.

  4. Cookie-Script item data

    When you create or edit Cookie-Script item, we collect your direct input, which is website domain name for use of Cookie-Script service (the “Service”) and possible content and settings for cookie policy pop-up notification box (the “Pop-up”) display on website visitor (“End Users”).

  5. End User data

    End User data can be collected only if you have proper subscription on Cookie-Script website. If enabled, Service can automatically log the following data about End Users:

    • An anonymous and random key (the “Key”);
    • End User’s choice (accept or reject);
    • Anonymized End User’s IP address (last digits after “.” are set to 0);
    • Date and time of End User’s agreement/rejection;
    • Page where consent was given/revoked;
    • End User’s browser agent.

    The Key together with Consent state are saved in End User’s browser as first-party cookie called “CookieScriptConsent” in JSON encrypted form. This information is later used by the Service to remember End User’s choice. The Key can also be used as a proof of End User’s consent.

  6. Automatically generated data

    The service automatically generates statistical data (if enabled in settings for Cookie-Script Item) which is number of clicks on each button of the Pop-up. This data is aggregated (clicks per day) and cannot be used to identify particular End User.