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Results are best met when interventions are customized and contextualized. We work with organizations and schools to understand their needs and vision for change, and tailor fit various professional learning opportunities to support them.



Schools and Organizations may work with us in customizing consultancy/coaching services in the following key areas:


Integrating technology is not just about buying devices to make available for students and teachers in school. Although building infrastructure is a foundational step, research on successful school wide initiatives are beginning to say that this is really just one piece of the puzzle. Our experience of working with various types of schools in the country continue to support this belief. Other key elements such as a clear vision for teaching and learning, culture, capacity and community are other pieces that make up a successful and sustainable implementation. So, where can you start?

Woohoo Learning Lab has partnered with the DQ or Digital Quotient Institute since 2017. The DQ institute is an international think-tank for a multi-stakeholder coalition committed to advancing the digital ecosystem –education, culture and policy. Through our partnership with DQ, we have supported the conduct of local research on digital citizenship, and have began to introduce DQ to various schools in the country

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