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But, the most foreseen threats of these changes are talent shortages and increased inequality across income brackets, the report recommends the the following actions:

  • Businesses must support their employees through reskilling and upskilling initiatives (human capital investment as an asset)
  • Individuals should be proactive of taking charge of their lifelong learning
  • Governments create an enabling environment - rapidly & creatively

Why should you read this report?

The report gives us a glimpse of what to ex>pect in the future and how might we prepare for the inevitable accelerating transformations. There is an urgent need for collaboration among businesses and the government, or even across nations.

As individuals, we have to develop a growth mindset and believe that we can be lifelong learners and it’s not something negative, like being part of a rat race or being like a hamster that needs to run on its wheels forever. It’s something that will help us nurture our humanity and empower us to take on future challenges.
It is interesting to see how our way of life will transform because of these developments!